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You’re selling and/or buying a house.  How exciting!  How stressful!  Let me take the stress away.  You bubble-wrap the dishes and I will take care of the:

  • Offer to purchase/sell

  • Purchase & Sale Agreement

  • Title issues

  • Coordination with the real estate brokers

  • Assisting you with the mortgage loan process

  • Working to resolve home inspection issues

  • Reviewing the closing documents

  • Attending the closing

The secret to a successful real estate transaction?  It’s not litigation (or at least it shouldn’t be).  Often parties have a “battle” attitude but, in truth, we all are aiming for the same result (unlike litigation).  We all want the house transferred from one party to another.  Of course, it’s not unusual to have issues (Is there a building permit for that new addition?  Is there a resolution for that radon reading?  Who has the septic permit and the smoke detector certificate?) but I’ve earned a reputation over the past 30 years for working well with brokers, bankers and attorneys to satisfactorily resolve any issues and coordinate a smooth transaction.


I don’t, however, bubble-wrap dishes.

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