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In a world where staying youthful is prized, planning for old age is difficult and often avoided until it is too late.  But the facts are we are living longer and costs continue to rise - especially long-term care costs which, if not anticipated, can wipe out your lifetime savings.  Without planning, your family members may be confronted with difficult decisions regarding your care, your home and your assets.  Do you really want to leave these important decisions in someone else’s hands? 

But, by planning in advance, you do have options.  Options that will help your family and give you peace of mind that your finances will remain secure. 

If you or a family member are struggling with the financial quagmire that is associated with aging (MassHealth? Gifts? Irrevocable Trusts? Long-term Care Insurance? Life Estate?), I can help you navigate the waters competently and gracefully.

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