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Someone you love has just passed away.  You are planning the funeral, you are writing the obituary, you are greeting friends and family who are knocking on your door, you are gracefully accepting dishes of lasagna and plastering a smile on your face as you say thank you to those who are “sorry for your loss.”  Just when you think the difficult part is over, you realize there are bank accounts to close, a house to maintain or get ready to sell, an insurance company to deal with, tangible assets with no monetary value but great sentimental value to distribute – but to whom?  You are officially overwhelmed.  Call me.  I can answer your questions, walk you through the probate process if needed, anticipate and plan for tax returns that are going to have to be prepared, help set up trust accounts, help you sell real estate, pay debts, file accounts, distribute assets etc. etc.  This is a difficult time.  Retain someone experienced, organized and who is going to help you carry this burden.

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